50 Best White Ink Tattoos

50 Best White Ink Tattoos

When we hear the word tattoo, the first thing that usually comes to our mind is the color black. We don’t usually see white ink tattoos being imprinted on a person’s body part. But though black is the usual color for tattoos, other people would go for white, especially if they want to have a unique design. Compared to diamond tattoos and tattoo sleeve designs, white ink tattoos are more unique. To show you tattoos with the opposite color of the black in yin-yang, we decided to gather the 50 best white ink tattoos, and post them here on our website. You can check out the tattoo photos below, together with their descriptions.


 The best White Ink Tattoos

1. Je t’aime


Je t’aime is a French phrase which can be translated as “I love you”. This tattoo design is perfect for those who are in love because it is like saying these 3 powerful words in a more unique, different, but nice way.

2. Bird

The bird design of the tattoo is already nice to look at. But the addition of the black shadings made the design even better. It made the tattoo more realistic.

 3. Feather

This tattoo design might go unnoticed from afar. But when you take a closer look at it, the feather designed tattoo actually looks nice. After all, they say that “Simplicity is beauty”.

4. Love Life


The 2 words inked on the wrist tell us of a very valuable lesson: love life. Indeed we must do so. Life is too short to not appreciate it. If we see and appreciate the goodness in life, then everything will become much better.

5. Dog Paw


Are you a dog lover? Then this dog paw tattoo design is for you. This tattoo will definitely fit those animal lovers, especially dogs.

6. Heart


A heart tattoo design ideal for those people who are in love.

7. Courage


A good reminder for you when you feel afraid.

8. Bible Verse


You can choose a bible verse that is very meaningful to you, and then have it as your tattoo. With this, you’ll always be reminded of that verse.

9. Hope


When you feel like giving up, this tattoo will remind you never to do that. For as long as there is life, there is still hope.

10. Hello Kitty


This tattoo is ideal for those who are still kids at heart.

11. Anchor


This design can either be just a regular one or have a deeper meaning in your life.

12. Star


This tattoo will serve as your own star in life.

 13. Infinity


To infinity and beyond!

 14. Heartbeat


Heartbeats with heart design in between.

15. Don’t Panic


A tattoo to remind you to stay focused and calm when a tough situation arises.

 16. Dove


The dove is a sign for peace. You can show this tattoo to your enemy to make amends.

17. Believe


In times of doubt, just look at this tattoo.

18. Alpha and Omega


These are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet which symbolize God’s eternity.

19. Life Goes On


No matter how hard the trials and obstacles we encounter, we must always remember that life must go on.

20. Compass


A compass tattoo to guide you towards the right direction.

21. Wings


With this tattoo, you can sing “I believe I can fly”.

 22. Snowflake


This design is in perfect combination with the actual color of the snow.

 23. Musical Note


This tattoo is ideal for music lovers.

24. Lucky 7


For some people, the number 7 may be a significant number to symbolize luck.

25. Know Thyself


Before you get to know others, you must first know yourself well.

26. Cupid’s Arrow


This is definitely the tattoo for you when you fall in love with someone. It’s as if your heart has been shot by Cupid’s arrow.

27. Breathe

Whenever you feel angry or need to stay calm, just do what this tattoo says.

28. Rose


When you can’t give real flowers to your girlfriend, this tattoo might be good enough.

29. Grace


This tattoo can either be a girl’s name, or just being thankful for all the blessings received.

30. Life


We should live life to the fullest because we only live once.

31. X


X marks the spot!

32. Cross


Having this tattoo is a sign of being religious.

33. Couple Names


A tattoo of you and your partner’s names.

34. Deathly Hallows


A cool tattoo from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

35. Flower


Romantic flower tattoo design.

36. Arrow


This tattoo shows you the direction to which you must move— forward!

37. Family


A nice tattoo to remind you how important family is.

38. See, Hear, Feel


Use your senses to appreciate life.

39. Forget


Forgive and forget, even though it’s hard.

40. Freedom in Music


This tattoo is definitely for those people who use music in expressing themselves.

41. Smile


When you are facing problems, just smile, and everything will be much better.

42. Positivity


Always think positive.

43. Butterfly


This is a simple but cool butterfly design.

44. Circle


A cool tattoo design which can have a deeper meaning.

45. Infinity (words)


The other infinity tattoo design was the logo, while this one is the statement: “To infinity and beyond”.

46. Chinese Character


Cool, Chinese character tattoo. What does it mean?

47. Beautiful Creation


A tattoo to remind you of God’s wonderful work.

48. Felix Felicis


Felix Felicis, otherwise called as “Liquid Luck”, is a magical potion from Harry Potter which makes the drinker lucky for a certain period of time, during which they succeed in everything they attempt.

49. Girl on Fire


This tattoo can lift a girl’s fighting spirit.

50. Regret Nothing


This tattoo can remind you to stand by your decision, no matter what happens. And plus, it can be read upside down so you’ll be reminded all the time.


The 50 best white ink tattoos that we have posted above can surely help you choose the design that will fit your personality, if ever you decide on getting one. But you must always remember to be sure when getting a tattoo, since this will likely be permanently inked on you.

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