50 Tattoos for Women

50 Tattoos for Women

If you are looking for the best tattoos for women, you are at the right place!

The relationship between women and tattoo as evolved over the years, as society became more and more liberated, more and more custom traditions were broken, just like the art of tattoo. A few hundred years ago, tattoo was considered as a symbol to identity a women’s skill. If a woman was skilled in cooking, a tattoo symbol would be placed on her forehead, and it would giver her a better chance of getting married. As years passed,  tattoos became frown upon for women and  it indicated dirtiness, may it be in appearance or attitude. Nowadays, society sees tattoo as an art, just an art and a form of expression.

In order for you to have a better picture of what we’re talking about, we searched the internet and came up with designs of 50 best tattoos for women. I am sure that one of these 50 Tattoos will suit your taste and  be the design that will represent who you are, especially if you getting your first tattoo. Because after all, tattoos can represent your attitude, social life, and any other identity that you want to portray.

Best Tattoo Designs for Women

1. Angel Wings

tattoos-for-women-angel wings

Angel Wings at the back with realistic effect.

2. Lion king Tattoo at the back


Realistic Lion King tattoo designs at the back with dark shadings for effects.

3. Fruit Tattoo Design 


Colored fruit strawberry tattoo on the arms.

4. Baby tiger tattoo

tattoos-for-women-baby tiger

A cute baby tiger for the arms and torso.

5. Tiger and Dragon tattoo on the chest

tattoos-for-women-tiger and dragon

Tiger and Dragon tattoo on the arms and chest  for daring tattoo designs.

6. Colored butterfly on the front

tattoos-for-women-3d butterfly

A 3D butterfly with flower design on the left part of the body.

7. Butterfly Wings

tattoos-for-women-butterfly wings

Realistic butterfly wings for a different perspective.

8. Colored butterfly at the back

tattoos-for-women-colored butterfly

Butterfly design with colored effects and dark shadings at the back .

9. Winged Heart

tattoos-for-women-winged heart

Colored heart at the back with wings and cool shadings.

10. Chinese Signs

tattoos-for-women-chinese tattoo

Chinese signs at the back for simple  tattoo beginners.

11. Hummingbird tattoo


A simple yet cool perspective tattoo design of a colored hummingbird and flowers.

12. Simple Dragon Tattoo


Dragon tattoo design with Chinese letters at the back.

13. Complex Dragon Tattoo

tattoos-for-women-complex dragon

Large, complex dragon tattoo design on the chestthat looks fierce.

14. Simple Feather on the foot


Simple yet realistic feather design on the right foot.

15. Complex Feather Design

tattoos-for-women-feather complex

Another feather design but with a more complex idea.

16. Simple Ring Tattoo


Simple ring tattoo on the finger.

17. Tribal Vines and Flower


Vines and flower with complex tribal design on the side of the body.

18. Complex thorn rose tattoo


Rose with thorns design on the side of the body.

19. Rose on the forehead


Rosy tattoo with cool design on the forehead

20. Girl tattoo on the arm

tattoos-for-women-girl face

Simple yet fierce girl tattoo on the arm

21. Hands praying

tattoos-for-women-hand prayer

Hands praying with dark shadings around it to make it more realistic.

22. Guns


Tattoo guns on the back area that will surely make you sexier.

23. Gold sparkles on the arm and body

tattoos-for-women-gold glitter

Gold sparkles on the arm and body for a unique tattoo design.

24. Glittered flower

tattoos-for-women-glittered flower

Glittered flower tattoo for more beautiful effects.

25. Small heart tattoo

tattoos-for-women-small heart

Small heart tattoo on the inner waist area that will make you look sexier.

26. Koi fish

tattoos-for-women-koi fish

Koi fish design with flower on the left arm.

27. Large colored dragon tattoo

tattoos-for-women-colored dragon

Large tattoo dragon on the back with flower design.

28. Lizard tattoo


A lizard tattoo on the front left part of the shoulder that can represent something in your life.

29. Peacock


Colorful peacock tattoo with effects on the right area of the body.

30. Dog paws

tattoos-for-women-paw dog

Cute dog paws for dog lovers.

31. Panda


Small panda design with hugs and kisses on the left arm.

32. Music Notes

tattoos-for-women-music notes

Music note designs for music lovers.

33. Phoenix


Fierce and brave phoenix tattoo to suit your personality.

34. Black and white flowers

tattoos-for-women-simple flower

3D flower art on the chest.

35. Rosary


Rosary tattoo design on the hand that can represent the religious part of yourself.

36. Kerubin


Sweet Kerubin design on the back part of the body.

37. Stars scattered

tattoos-for-women-scattered stars

Star tattoos all over the body that can make you look sexier.

38. Star face


Star tattoos on the face can make you look cuter.

39. Skeleton at the back


Skeleton at the back for weird but cool tattoo designs.

40. Colored fairy


Colored sexy fairy tattoo at the back.

41. Tiger


Colored tiger tattoo design which is perfect for people with Chinese sign of a tiger.

42. Tree Design


Environment friendly? Try this abstract tree design.

43. Butterfly and tribal

tattoos-for-women-tribal butterfly

Colored butterfly and tribal design on the left or right side of the back that will surely make you look sexier.

44. Tribal style on the belly

tattoos-for-women-tribal belly

Cool, tribal design on the belly.

45. Vines and stars combination

tattoos-for-women-vines and stars

Unique vines and stars tattoo on the body.

46. Unicorn


For those girls who really wanted a unicorn when they were still young, here it is!

47. Tribal design on the waistline

tattoos-for-women-tribal waist

Simple tribal design that looks nice on your waist.

48. Vines

tattoos-for-women-flower black and white

Vines with tribal- like designs on the body.

49. Winged- dragon

tattoos-for-women-winged dragon

Winged-dragon with colorful designs at the back.

50. Simple flower style on the arm

tattoos-for-women-complex rose

Simple  flower style with shadings on the arm.

Which one is the perfect one for you?

Our 50 tattoo designs for women have different meanings. Some designs can be simple, whilst some can be complex. To get more inspiration you can even check out our tattoo quotes or our tattoos for couples.

As a woman, you can choose to have a tattoo wherein other people will have a hard time figuring out it’s design. On the other hand, you can have a simple tattoo design, which can make you cuter and sexier. But always remember that whatever it is that you choose, it should make an impact to yourself and your personality. We hope that our presentation of 50 tattoos for women has inspired you to have one right now!


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