50 Tattoos for Men

50 Tattoos for Men

Tattoo in the early years of our world represents bravery and rank in a tribe. It sometimes symbolizes how many enemies a man has killed, and becomes famous when all parts of his body have been embedded with different tattoos. It also symbolizes the leadership in a tribe where everybody else should follow. Now, the symbolism of tattoo for men is different. It now represents family, sometimes an event in his life or about his love. Many men get tattooed for them to raise their dignity as a man and become more masculine in appearance. We have come up with 50 tattoos for men and posted them on this site to show you the different designs that will fit your personality! I’m sure that one of these 50 tattoos for men that we have will suit your taste. Here they are.

1. Three stars and a Sun

tattoos-for-men-3 stars and a sun

This tattoo is very famous in the Philippines because it represents the flag of the nation.

2. 3D Scorpion


A 3D scorpion on the left part of the back.

3. 3D Spider


A 3D spider with shadow that looks so real. It can be placed anywhere on your body.

4. Angel Praying


A female angel praying on the left part of the back with red color shadings.

5. Angel Praying with words


Design of angel praying on the arm.

6. Angel Wings


Tattooed angel wings on the back with very dark shadings for more realistic style.

7. Angel and devil wings combination

tattoos-for-men-arm angel wings

A combination of angel and devil wings on the right arm with red and blue colors.

8. Tribal symbols

tattoos-for-men-arm tribal

Tribal symbol tattoo on the right arm.

9. Flying bird on the right arm


Cool idealistic tattoo of flying birds on the right arm.

10. Tribal design on both arms


Tribal idea on both arms with same design.

11. Large tribal design


Large tribal design for the arms.

12. Batman idea


Colored batman idea on the left part of the body.

13. Music lover idea


Cassette desgign for music lovers.

14. Realistic circuit tattoo


Idealistic and realistic circuit tattoo on the right arm.

15. Colored koi fish

tattoos-for-men-colored koi

Idealistic koi fish tattoo for men on the back.

16. Nail cross at the back


Idealistic cross at the back ideal for religious people.

17. Cross with words and dark shadings


Cross tattoo that can be embedded on the arms and torso.

18. A cross and a king tattoo idea


A cross combined with a king’s crown, and you can put words in the center.

19. Only the Strong Survive


Idealistic cross and a quote with realistic idea.

20. Cute tiger tattoo


Cute tiger tattoo with a realistic 3d effect that can be put on your arms or torso. Highly recommended for fathers with daughters.

21. Dragon Head


Realistic dragon head tattoo on the back.

22.Eagle Tattoo


Colored eagle tattoo with dark shadings on the right arm.

23. Tribal designs on the chest


Colored and realistic tribal designs on the chest.

24. Cool flower tattoo at the back for men


Flower tattoo with dark shadings on the back.

25. Flower with vines tattoo


Cool flower with vines which can be tattooed all over the left side of the body. A heart formation with name is also part of the design.

26. Devil Tattoo


Devil tattoo on the left leg.

27. Realistic Fox Tattoo


Colored fox tattoo with very excellent realistic shading effects.

28. Guardian Angel tattoo

tattoos-for-men-guardian angel

Very realistic guardian angel tattoo placed at the back.

29. Tribal design on the hand


Tribal idea for your hand (The design is a sun)

30. Cyborg tattoo on the head


3D art tattoo for the head with very realistic cyborg-like structure.

31. Koi Fish on arms


Large koi fish for large arms with colorful designs and shadings

32. Koi fish at the back


Large koi fish at the back if you want cover the entire part with tattoo.

33. Idealistic Lion Tattoo


If you have a zodiac sign of Leo, then this lion will suit you. It represents classy Leo.

34. Rosary


To those who wants a religious symbol being tattooed on them, this symbol of praying with a rosary will fit you.

35. Quotes with tribal design


A quoted tribal design that will surely will make you look fierce.

36. Abstract idealistic tattoo in the chest


Tattoo with abstract design that will make people wonder what it is.

37. Heart design on the chest


A very beautiful heart design with shadings on the chest.

38. Scarface


To those who love Scarface, this tattoo will surely make you proud.

39. Scorpion in 3D


A nice scorpion at the back that can represent your fierce side.

40. Skeleton design at the back


Want something different for a tattoo? Then try this skeleton at the back which can look weird but make you awesome.

41. Skeleton design in the chest


Like the skeleton design at the back, this will also make you look weird but cool at the same time.

42. Skeleton design on the side part


Very cool skeleton design on the side part of the body with very dark shadings.

43. Skin-peeled tattoo


Want something that looks more fierce? Then this skin-peeled tattoo design is just for you.

44. Skull head tattoo with modern technology


Skull head tattoo at the back with weird design, but looks incredible and more realistic with the help of shadings on the skull.

45. Stars on the elbow


Cool, unique, star tattoo design on both elbows.

46. Realistic Tiger


You want a Chinese zodiac tattoo design for tiger? Then this tiger design is definitely for you.

47. Tribal Cross


A different style of cross that can be embedded at the back or on the arms.

48. Vikings


Viking tattoo represents the bravery and fierceness of the old vikings.

49. Warrior


Like the vikings who conquered the eastern Europe, this warrior represents the conquerors of the Asia pacific.

50. Warrior killing dragon


This may represent the victory of the tattooed person over his issues and problems encountered in life.

Tattoos play a significant role in a person’s life. It may represent the calamities he has encountered, lost love, or success that he has achieved. Tattoos are painful while being done and are permanent, so be sure of what you are doing. Always remember that a tattoo is a symbol of something significant in your life. If you want to have a tattoo, be sure to check out our compilation of 50 tattoos for men above. We have a variety of designs that will surely suit your taste and personality. So check them out now, and choose the design that you want, and then get tattooed!


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