50 Creative Tattoo Ideas for Women

50 Creative Tattoo Ideas for Women

50 Creative Tattoo Ideas for Women, and many more, have come out as the years passed by. There are now tattoos which have unique designs and are different from ordinary tattoos you see everyday. These tattoos are really amazing and incredible in design. In order for you to have a glimpse of what we’re talking about,  we have collected 50 Creative Tattoo Ideas for Women that will definitely fit into one’s own taste and personality. These tattoo designs were made from very wild imagination, combining one idea with another, resulting into very awesome styles and designs. The personality of a woman is very peculiar and unstable. Sometimes, her thinking is beyond imaginable things. So we came up with a new perspective towards tattoo ideas, where we will search the very unique style for women with that kind of personality. By combining the ideas together, just like the sun and the moon, the picture will now represent different aspects of life, like in a relationship. We do not offer poor quality and meaningless tattoo designs, but rather, we offer only the best and finest tattoo ideas on the internet, which have come from highly respected tattoo artists.

1. Aqua Teen Hunger Force

tattoo-ideas-for-women-weird design in fingers

If you’re a fan of ATHF, then this tattoo is for you!

2. Random linings

tattoo-ideas-for-women-unique linings

Want something different? Then this tattoo has a design of random linings with a quote.

3. Dead Trees


Want to promote the environment? Then this tattoo will be a good fit for the advocacy of saving trees.

4. Tribal design with butterflies

tattoo-ideas-for-women-tribal butterfly

The shadings and linings of the tattoo makes it more realistic.

5. Colored Flower

tattoo-ideas-for-women-tribal flower

Not just an ordinary colored flower, it comes with a design where you can put the names of your loved ones.

6. Unique dragon tattoo

tattoo-ideas-for-women-unique dragon in foot

Not the ordinary dragon that you see in every tattoo. The dragon looks more like an old human face.

7. Tree branches

tattoo-ideas-for-women-tree branch

This tattoo will make you look sexier. This tree branch looks like it’s from a cherry blossom tree.

8. Moon embracing the sun

tattoo-ideas-for-women-sun and moon

A tattoo that symbolizes unity even with different views in life.

9. Star flower

tattoo-ideas-for-women-star flower

A combination of stars and a flower which results to a cool tattoo idea.

10. Old fashioned strap in dresses


Realistic straps at the back

11. Random tattoo ideas mashed up

tattoo-ideas-for-women-smash up tattoo designs

Different perspectives and ideas mashed up at the back

12. King Cobra


Want to look more ferocious? This cobra will surely make an impact to those who see this.

13. Scorpion


A red scorpion with black shadings on the arm. Very nice for those who are under the horoscope of Scorpio.

14. Rosary


For religious people. Realistic rosary beads and a big cross

15. Vines and flowers


Purple flowers with crayon-like coloring and black vines.

16. Ribbon

tattoo-ideas-for-women-ribbon in legs

Green ribbon tattooed on the left side of the ribs

17. Ribbon II


A red-colored ribbon that also looks like a butterfly.

18. Pirate Heart

tattoo-ideas-for-women-pirate heart

A unique heart design with a pirate-like style

19. Music Notes

tattoo-ideas-for-women-music notes

Colored stars mashed up with music notes on the right part of the ribs.

20. Hinduism

tattoo-ideas-for-women-myth goddess

A Hinduism goddess embossed on the back

21. Colored Butterfly


Colored butterfly with essence of tribal flowers

22. Peacock Feather

tattoo-ideas-for-women-peacock feather

A green peacock feather that can be tattooed on the hips or on the arms.

23. Meteor stars

tattoo-ideas-for-women-meteor star

Unique meteor-like design stars tattooed on the chest

24. Ariel


Are you a fan of the mermaid Ariel from Disney? Then this is for you.

25. Lined Butterfly

tattoo-ideas-for-women-linear butterfly

Red-colored butterfly on the waist

26. Koi Fish


A Japanese fish embossed on the left part of the shoulder.

27. Indian Girl

tattoo-ideas-for-women-indian girl

A very realistic Indian woman with colorful designs.

28. Geisha

tattoo-ideas-for-women-kabuki hand

A Japanese character (Geisha) tattooed on the hands

29. Roses and a key

tattoo-ideas-for-women-key and roses

A colorful tattoo of roses and a key

30. Japanese Woman

tattoo-ideas-for-women-japanese skeleton

A Japanese woman with a koi fish and having some effects of skeleton design.

31. Phoenix in a form of a woman

tattoo-ideas-for-women-fire woman

Another perspective for being fierce.

32. Freedom Doves

tattoo-ideas-for-women-freedom doves

A group of doves tattooed on the right side of the chest and shoulders.

33. Gangster Girl

tattoo-ideas-for-women-gangster girl

A realistic gangster girl can represent liberation.

34. Gun


A large gun tattooed on the hips.

35. Peacock feather

tattoo-ideas-for-women-feather with quote

Peacock feather combined with a quote.

36. Fairy


A new design with a fairy sitting on a moon.

37. Skull

tattoo-ideas-for-women-ear skull

A skull tattoo embossed on the ear.

38. Dragonfly


A combination of a Red Dragonfly and a name

39. Dove


Realistic design of a dove tattooed on the side of the rib

40. Dolphin


Dolphin with a tribal background.

41. Deviled Heart

tattoo-ideas-for-women-devil heart

Deviled Heart embossed on the waist.

42. Dancing Mermaid

tattoo-ideas-for-women-dancing mermaid

Realistic dancing mermaid with red scales embossed on the arm.

43. Smoking cat


Cute cat tattoo embossed on the chest.

44. Cherub


Winged baby angel embossed at the back.

45. Colorful bird

tattoo-ideas-for-women-colored bird

Colorful bird embossed on the side of the rib.

46. Garden

tattoo-ideas-for-women-colored garden

Garden-like tattoo embossed at the back.

47. Pegasus

tattoo-ideas-for-women-blue pegasus

Blue-colored Pegasus embossed at the back.

48. Colored Flowers

tattoo-ideas-for-women-beautiful flower

Colored flowers embossed at the back.

49. Baby


A new perspective for a baby.

50. Angel bird and a devil bird

tattoo-ideas-for-women-angel adn devil birds

Combination of two birds that are rival to each other.

I’m pretty sure that one of these 50 Creative Tattoo Ideas for Women will be a perfect fit for a certain individual. The tattoo will serve as a window the woman’s personality and whole self. Please do check out these designs which will really mesmerize your eyes and those of other people. There are different perspectives toward tattoo ideas such as having animals with very unique designs. Some of these include animals that will represent you like a phoenix, known for its fire which means being fierce and brave, or a dove which represents freedom. There are also tattoos like skulls and angels, where skulls can represent the sadness that you have encountered at some point in your life or angels which can represent the love that you have received. There are some tattoos with much more complex design that only the beholder will know. We hope you enjoyed our presentation of tattoo ideas for women. And for that, we give credit to the artists who have  shared their creations for everybody to enjoy!


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