40 Secret Thigh Tattoos That Nobody Will Ever See

40 Secret Thigh Tattoos That Nobody Will Ever See

Thigh tattoos are quite common to ladies. I have searched for different thigh tattoos and noticed it is usually women who have thigh tattoos than men. Some people have special spots for special tattoos, some just put it anywhere that is easily seen or attractive. For men they are commonly seen on the arms, chest, feet and back.

Perhaps the reason why most women have it on the thighs is because women can wear short skirts, dress and pants. The thigh also has a larger piece of skin so you can get bigger tattoos.

Here is a list of 40 awesome thigh tattoos:


1. She-wolf in a frame


Originally posted by Erin Cantrell

I think the tattoo looks fierce and sexy at same time. A nice symbol for ladies who are strong.


2. A woman’s face and flowers thigh tattoo with heart locket


Originally posted by Belle Morisato


3. Ship and lighthouse thigh tattoo


Originally posted by Jenn Paulemon

A ship and lighthouse tattoo are quite common to sailors.


4. Red and Blue roses


Originally posted by …: Hayley Moss :…

Check out the water drop 3d tattoo. Looks pretty real, doesn’t it?


5. Ship and owl thigh tattoo


Originally posted by Annabelle Kraly

A ship and owl tattoo. A ship tattoo means overcoming hard times while an owl tattoo means wisdom or intelligence.


6. Colorful owl thigh tattoo


Originally posted by Myke Chambers Tattoos


7. Mermaid octopus in black and grey thigh tattoo


Originally posted by Arlene Ruda


8. A unique lion thigh tattoo


Originally posted by 1337tattoos


9. Floral design thigh tattoo


Originally posted by Tattoo Ideas


10. Phoenix thigh tattoo


Originally posted by A C

A very beautiful phoenix thigh tattoo.


11. Dream catcher


Originally posted by Ashley E


12. Follow the white rabbi. Alice in Wonderland inspired thigh tattoo


Originally posted by lovelyapathy


13. Tribal feather tattoo


Originally posted by Randa Mcintosh


14. Cartoony tree tattoo


Originally posted by Margo Susnjar


15. “Time is what we make of it.”


Originally posted by Belen Arias Prieto


16. Sketchy skull and time tattoo


Originally posted by Jules

The clever tattoos look like they’re just being sketched with colorful pens.


17. “I dismiss all the action take to scar me”


Originally posted by Catherine Ganci

Skulls, flowers, butterfly and quote.


18. Blackbeard pirate tattoo


Originally posted by 1337tattoos


19. Octopus


Originally posted by Devin Softley


20. Framed skull and a rosary


Originally posted by Taylor Thomas


21. Lobster


Originally posted by aka LOLA


22. Tribal elephant thigh tattoo


Originally posted by Tess Hall


23. Gun in stockings thigh tattoo


Originally posted by Lauren Connell


24. Geometric thigh tattoo design


Originally posted by tattooers.net


25. Ganesh thigh tattoo


Originally posted by Jennifer Thorimbert

One can have religious tattoo inspiration.


26.  A gangster themed thigh tattoo


Originally posted by Belle Morisato


27. Beautiful stag and bird with flowers


Originally posted by Lorelei Kluever


28. Crow and flowers


Originally posted by Cristina Frias

The black, red and green colors are very attractive to the eyes. The crow tattoo has a good and bad meaning in different cultures.


29. Renegade and crafty tattoo


Originally posted by Benjamín Kloss

Who would have thought being crafty can be this cool. Not too feminine.

30. Skull tattoo and waves


Originally posted by Michelle Caruso


31. Feminine anchor and butterfly


Originally posted by Heather Emfinger


32. Colorful love birds and flowers thigh tattoo


Originally posted by Jennifer McCall


33. My Anchor, My Sail.


Originally posted by A C

Simple colorful tattoos with deep meanings.


34. Blue dragon fly


Originally posted by artetattoo.com.br

35. Eifel Tower thigh tattoo


Originally posted by Jessica Grenness-Vandeven


36. G cliff and birds


Originally posted by imgfave.com


37. Quote thigh tattoo


Originally posted by Jazmine Chapman

38. Rock n’ Roll


Originally posted by Julie Laupstad

For the music lover.

39. “Oh modern world, I can’t keep time”


Originally posted by Emery Lenae Dieckmeyer

Quote and flowers to make the words more beautiful.

40. Wizard of Oz thigh tattoo


Originally posted by Brianna Day

Probably for someone who loves the film and shoes.

As you can see, thigh tattoos are excellent for larger piece tattoos, and you can put anything there or pair the tattoos for both thighs, like some of the examples given above. If you want a tattoo and wish to have them hidden for now, the thighs are the perfect spot.  Most common thigh tattoos are skulls, floral designs, marine tattoos like pirate ships and anchors.  You can always go for something unique.  The phoenix thigh tattoo is my favorite, it runs from the hips down to the thighs. Men can also have tribal, manly tattoos as well.

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